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Tooth Extraction

Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliers.Teeth are meant to be permanent but at times there are factors that lead to extraction. A tooth may be extracted due to decay, or damage that is too extensive to handle the repair. Another reason that might lead to tooth extraction is when one has a crowded mouth, mainly if you are going to go through orthodontia then a dentist may advise you to extract a tooth. When a tooth is not able to break through the gums for lack of room then the dentist recommended its extraction. Extraction can also be done when a tooth is infected beyond root canal treatment. If you are facing the risk of infections like having organ transplants or even chemotherapy it is advisable to pull out the tooth. Our team at Smiles of Groton will help you in tooth extraction.

What to Expect

A dentist may use local anesthesia to numb the area that extraction is taking place. Sometimes general anesthesia to numb the whole body may be administered to help you relax and sleep during the extraction process. The dentist cuts some tissue near the tooth and part of the gums. By use of forceps the dentist grasps the tooth and rocks it so that it can be loosened from the jawbone and ligaments. When it is difficult to pull, it can be removed in pieces. After removal of the tooth, a blood clot may form in the socket. To stop the bleeding a gauze pad is placed, and you are told to bite on it. A few stitches may be placed to close gum edges over the extraction area. When the blood clot is loose, and the bone is exposed one is said to experience a dry socket.

What I Should Know

It is safe to have a tooth extracted but at times some harmful bacteria might find their way into the exposed area causing infection. It is safe to talk to the dentist about your past medical history and let them know of any medications you are currently taking. Some of the conditions you should let the dentist know about include liver complications, weak immune system, bacterial endocarditis in the past, congenital heart, damage of heart valves, or having artificial joints.

After Tooth Extraction

After extraction the next process is recovery. You should observe good oral hygiene to avoid the risk of infection or minimize discomfort. Take all painkillers given and bite the gauze pad given to allow the formation of blood clots and to stop the socket from bleeding. It is advisable to soak the gauze for a period of about three to four hours. You can apply an ice bag to prevent swelling. Make sure that you do not spit forcefully for 24 hours so that the socket does not dislodge any new forming clots.

If you need your tooth extracted visit us at to have it safely pulled out. You can also call us at (351) 251-1230 to get more information on the tooth extraction process.
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