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Dentistry for Kids

Dental Hygienist working on a kid in dental chair.Dentistry for kids is not merely visiting a dentist's office. It is a place where children develop positive attitudes towards oral health and begin a lifetime routine of healthy smiles. At Smiles of Groton, your family will get the highest level of care in a fun, caring and child-friendly environment. Our top-level care does not stop there. If your children will require any dental care, oral surgery, or braces, the team of specialists at our facility will always find the best option to ensure your children achieve the smile of their dreams.

Why Should Kids Visit the Dentist?

It is important to start taking your children to the dentist to ensure they become familiar with what happens when they visit the dentist. For instance, taking your child for their first visit should not be about preventive measures or treating a specific problem, but rather testing the waters to see how they respond to the environment. Pediatric dental care offices are usually colorful, and toys are always available to ensure that your child is comfortable in the environment.

Apart from getting accustomed to dental care, taking your children early in their life to the dentist comes with numerous benefits. As a parent, you will get important information and tips on the best practices to employ to ensure that your child grows and develops healthy teeth. You will also be advised on the best products to use, and your dentist can also provide some of these products that are friendly to children's teeth.

Taking your child to the dentist will also go along with preventing cavities from developing. Statistics show that children have higher chances of developing cavities. Tooth decay is considered the most common chronic disease among kids in the U.S. More than 40 percent of children develop tooth decay even before they even start school. Therefore, to prevent your child from developing tooth decay, it is very important they start seeing a dentist. Even if they have not been visiting a dentist, once you start introducing them to the routine your dentist may be able to stop the decay from progressing any further.

Your dentist will ensure they detect abnormalities in your child's mouth early and help correct the situation. Like other medical conditions, if a medical condition is detected early, the treatment can be performed easily, and that is the case with pediatric dentistry.

When Should You Start Taking Your Child to the Dentist?

Children should start regular dental care after they turn one year old. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you should bring your child to the dentist, six months after they develop their first tooth. After their first visit to the dentist, it is important for children to maintain regular contact with their dentist with the recommendation that visits are scheduled every six months.

If your child has developed their first tooth, or you want them to start regular dental care, you can visit our offices at Smiles of Groton and start their journey toward a bright smile. You can also call us at (351) 251-1230 to get more information about what is required when you bring your child in to see our team of experts. We will always receive you with open arms and ensure your child gets the quality care that will help them achieve optimal oral health.

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