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Dental Cleanings

Older white patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with his Black female dentist Smiles of Groton dentist visit.A dental cleaning can be considered a preventative measure that is performed by dental hygienists or dentists to achieve or maintain optimum oral health. The doctor's objective is to remove dental tartar and plaque that may have accumulated on the teeth. This protects the patient from cavities, gum and tooth problems, and dental caries. Our team at Smiles of Groton have the expertise and equipment to perform the procedure and ensure that you maintain optimal oral health.

What are the Different Types of Dental Cleanings?

The various types of cleanings include deep cleaning, routine cleaning, and scaling. Deep cleaning addresses issues such as gum disease. It is more in-depth, and it should be performed by a qualified dentist or dental hygienist. It can sometimes be split into two appointments because of the level of detail involved, and depending on the extent of cleaning required.

A routine cleaning is a regular and yet superficial cleaning that gets rid of tartar and stains on the teeth. Dentists recommend routine cleanings to prevent individuals from developing conditions such as gingivitis.

Benefits of Cleanings

It is beneficial to visit the dentist regularly in order to avoid cavities; it is more cost-effective to clean your teeth than to fill a cavity or have a root canal. Dental cleanings reduce the odds that a patient will experience tooth loss due to gum disease, which destroys bone tissues supporting the jaw. Bacteria can cause bad breath and can be eliminated during a dental cleaning. Dental cleanings help to boost general overall health.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

An examination is a vital part of the dental cleaning. Plaque and tartar are vital aspects of the examination. Plaque is a sticky and clear layer of bacteria and if not removed can turn into tartar causing oral diseases if not removed. Gum health is important and spaces that are deep show signs of gum disease. Examination of the throat, face, tongue, neck, and head is essential where redness, inflammation, and changes in tissue may indicate oral cancer.

In the dental cleaning process, the dentist removes tartar and plaque by scaling the teeth using a special metallic tool. The teeth are polished using a gritty paste to remove the stains and make the teeth clean and bright. To maintain healthy teeth, flossing and brushing is vital. We recommend using toothpaste with fluoride, and mouthwash to control bacterial growth and give fresh breath.

Who Should Undergo Dental Cleanings?

Regular dental cleanings are recommended every six months for all patients. This is generally for preventive measures. However, if the individual has existing oral disorders or oral problems, a dental cleaning should be done more often.

If you need dental cleaning services visit us at our Smiles of Groton facility. You will be provided with all the information required to make an informed decision and what options are available to you. To learn more about dental cleanings please feel free to call us here today at (351) 251-1230 to schedule an appointment.

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